About JPC Leather

It all started with a knife sheath for Grandad, then it morphed into a university hobby to help pay the bills. 

Now, it's a small business catering to both people who want to move back to the old 'buy once and buy well' mentality, or those who're donning the apron and picking up the tools themselves. 

My name's JP. I'm the chap tucked away in a small workshop in Sheffield making everything you can find here (and more) to order.

This isn't an industrial enterprise, I don't have stockrooms chocka-block full of wallets to pop in the post.

The chances are if I'm making you something, I'll be handmaking it to order.

... and because of that, quality over quantity extends to everything.

Simplicity, durability and a throw back to the functional and long lasting beauty previous generations had in their daily lives are the key premises behind my work.

If you decide that you'd like a snippet of that mentality in your own handmade piece, my promise is that whatever comes out of the box will be well thought through, in high quality leather and built to last the time; an investment to last decades.